Friday, July 19, 2013

Sugar Glider Diets- What you should be feeding your gliders

Feeding your sugar gliders a proper diet is the most important thing you can do for their health.  Unhealthy diets are the direct cause of many common health issues. One of the most common unhealthy diets for sugar gliders is the pellet diet.  Pellets offer very little nutritional value and should NEVER be the only thing you feed your sugar glider.  Brands such as Sunseed, Glide-R-Chow, and Pretty Pets should be avoided at all times as they consist of nothing but fillers.  Other brands like Pet Pro's Happy Glider, Exotic Nutrition's Glider Complete, or Suncoast's Wholesome Balance are fine to feed occasionally in small amounts as a snack.  If you decide to offer a pellet food to your glider it should go along with an approved diet like the ones below:

HPW-  There are two main types of HPW.  The original version can be found here:  The newer version is called HPW complete and is the easy "just add water" version.  It can be found here:

BML- Most ingredients in this diet can be easily found at the grocery store.  The recipe for this diet can be found at
          There is another version of this diet called Judie's BML which can be found here:

Priscilla Price Diet- Also known as The Pet Glider Fresh Diet, or The Pet Glider Exotic diet. This was created by one of the largest breeders in the USA.

LGRS Suggie Soup- Created by a large sugar glider rescue and sanctuary for malnourished and sick gliders but works just as well for healthy gliders.  The recipe can be found at

VGV-  Uses all fresh rather than processed ingredients.  Recipe can be found here:

Candy's Blended Diet-  There are many different versions of this one, which can be found at

Reeps Wombaroo- Recipe can be found here:


***All Diets listed above are to be fed along with a variety of fruits/veggies daily!***

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